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VenTex Software Corporation has developed an industry accepted, web based waterflood application program dealing with the immiscible displacement of oil by water resulting in the prediction of oil recovery.
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Layer analysis is initiated with data input consisting of rock and fluid properties usually found and available in most production operation office environments. Relative permeability data obtained from laboratory measurements from cores can be manually input or can be empirically generated if saturation end points and rock wettability can be estimated.

Multiple layers with different rock and fluid properties can be analyzed independently or as a summary analysis. Single multilayer five spot pattern or multiple pattern analyses can be performed if so desired. The resulting layer calculations provide for injection and oil production rates, cumulative oil recovery, injectivity and water production, WOR, injectivity as a function of pore volume, all versus time. Results of all analyses and graphs can be printed for permanent record documentation.

Graphics templates include: Rate vs Time, WOR vs Cum Oil Prod and Oil Prod Rate vs Cum Oil Prod. Custom graphics can be created for a one time printing or can be saved as template for future use.

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